Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not All Greatness Is Hyperbole

In my second post ever, I said, "I have hundreds of ideas all fighting to come out of my mind and onto the web." Hundreds of ideas seems pretty grandiose when I am on post number two, but look at me now, a week away from 900 ideas having come out of my mind and onto the web.

I have been reflecting on the feat of this blog lately. I'm two and a half years in and I still have a lengthy list of blog ideas I have yet to write. The longest endeavors I've had both lasted about 10 years. Though writing, in some form or another, has exceeded all other endeavors, Cheff Salad specifically still has a ways to go.

It sounds hyperbolic to say that I will write several hundred or several thousand entries about writing, but if I were to do this for 10 years, I would have 3,650 posts (a couple more, considering leap years).

Not all greatness is hyperbole. Sometimes people do truly great things. If you set out to do something amazing, people may think you have delusions of grandeur, but when you actually succeed at your amazing goals, then your plans were merely accurate.

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