Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Be Attractive

If I said I was attracted to a person, you would probably think I want to have sex with that person. If I said I was attracted to a thing, you'd think I had bizarre fetish. Because of our euphemisms (or perhaps our laziness), all attraction is assumed to be sexual attraction.

In reality, attraction is anything that attracts you, anything that draws you in. (That's right, even more connotation vs. denotation.) A familiar song can attract you to its source. A delicious smell can attract you to delicious food. And a compelling character can attract you to a story.

Be attractive when you write. Be attractive in all of your levels of writing. The more you can attract somebody to your words, sentences, phrases, to your worlds and scenes, the more likely you will be to have them continue to read and think about them (which is exactly what you want).

Attraction is partly a matter of doing something different, and partly a matter of doing something really satisfying. Pick nonstandard words that other people will know. Satisfy the music between sentences and paragraphs. Have a concept that people may think of, but do not put into words.

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