Sunday, July 24, 2011


I accidentally created he word 'grisp' yesterday. As in, "She had a strong grisp on her beliefs." Basically, I tried to say 'grip' and 'grasp' at the same time, and they fused. Even now, I still try to say one of the words and say the fusion instead. Somehow, it feels more natural.

I think it's funny that people will probably not adopt 'grisp' because it is nonstandard, but if I ever used it in conversation, most people would know exactly what I meant and not think twice about it. It's funny, how much more willing we are to accept new things that are spoken instead of written. Still, the more you treat something as normal, the more likely it is to be accepted as normal.

Go forth and propagate 'grisp'. Give it a unique meaning and add to its legitimacy. After all, if Shakespeare can make up words, why can't I? You know that once you start using it, it will have a serious grisp on you.

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