Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Sound Of Life

A room full of people is making sound. Even without talking, and even without the sound of walking around, just being alive produces sound. Hearts beating, blood pulsing, air breathing in and out - though they may be quiet, they produce sound; no room with life inside it is truly silent. 

I find this an interesting concept to explore because so many people wish to find "peace and quiet" and try to do so by escaping from society. But though it may be tranquil, it is not truly quiet; people tend to just surround themselves with different sounds. 

People who claim they want silence either are sick of hearing the same things over and over again, or they are overstimulated from the barrage of inputs in modern life. Though these people may seek silence, they usually they just want different stimuli. They need a new setting to refresh and recharge them.

This all leads into a larger principle, which is that people rarely know what they actually want. But if you explore what their problems actually are, and what their proposed solutions would give them, you may be able to extrapolate the truth. 

Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Power Of Public Shame

In the digital era, it has become very common knowledge that people act very differently when they are behind a screen compared to when they are face to face. The power of anonymity and the safety of distance can allow a person to become the lowest version of themselves. 

 Evil people love privacy. It allows them to commit their atrocities in secret, and to keep a sparkling public image. That image is paramount for them. As long as people look good, they don't have to do anything. In fact, the only thing that can guarantee them to leap into action is threatening their image. And here we have the power of public shame. 

By highlighting in a public forum the evil things that people do, you smear that image. And from here, some will definitely happen. It could be positive (forcing them to fix their problems), or it could be negative, (forcing them to smear your reputation and then crush you like an ant). That largely comes down to their power levels, knowledge, and confidence. 

Regardless, public shame is a powerful tool. As with all powerful tools, it can be used either to create or to destroy, but it is guaranteed to change things.