Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Step Forward

So I changed the subtitle of Cheff Salad again. It now reads, "thoughts and observations, often about writing." These changes are becoming ever more frequent. Eventually, I will be making a new one every day, along with a new post.

The impetus to make this change came from my friend, who got quite upset when she found out that I had changed it from "A blog about writing, and sometimes about life." That really was a great line, and I have been very tempted to go back to it, but I just can't let myself go backwards.

Instead, I chose to take another step forward. The wording struck me last night, so I made the change. It is similar in style and content to the preferred one, though obviously not the same. I do like it, and I will see if it grows on me.

To me, taking a step forward means I am doing something new. It means I'm not returning to my safety net, not doing what I know has worked in the past. At some point in the future, I may return to my past successes and either expand on them in some manner or another, but right now, I want to keep moving forward and seeing how many things I can create, and how many new successes I can put under my belt.

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