Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make An Ending

A truly Great comic I have been reading has ended. Great was a comic that started as a short story, but just kept on going. There kept being another chapter, another set of people, another opportunity for greatness. It ended up being 139 pages (although each page is like 5 pages long).

The reason I am writing about it is the ending. It was thoroughly satisfying. It tied up the loose ends, completing this last chapter, but not ending with death or dreams. It was the ending that the story truly deserved, and it is still moving me now.

Comics are so amazing because they can be infinite. It could last a year or twenty. Generally the ones like that are one-shot comics with no significant ongoing story. Some, though, do have a cast of characters that keep on showing up. And every now and then, you have a continuing story, which can continue indefinitely, adding more and more to the canon and shared history of these people.

Most things that can be updated can be endless, whether comics or books or movies or blogs. All too often, though, they stop updating. They don't end, though, they just stop updating. This is the most tragic thing imaginable, to be in this perpetual living death, being unfinished, but having nothing more added. It is an orphan, there for all the world to see and mourn.

I make a promise to all of my readers. If there comes a time that Cheff Salad will cease, it will have an ending. Barring some horrendous atrocity like me suddenly dying, I will say goodbye to you. And if that does happen, I am sure my writing soulmate will write a touching and heart-felt goodbye on my behalf.

I ask that you as writers will grant the same benevolence to me. If you begin a serial work, whether it be for a week or a lifetime, please give it a proper ending, when it is time to end.

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