Saturday, November 6, 2010

What Changed?

When things don't change, nothing changes.  I know, big no duh.  But it is important to consider.  Cycles are continuous.  They don't change until something affects them.

If you had the same breakfast every day for a month, why would you have a different one?  There's no reason to.  The only reason to change your breakfast would be for something to knock you out of that cycle.

Any time that things are different than they were, something changed.   The important question is: What changed?  Did you get bored?  Did you get a better opportunity?  Did you run out of resources? Something effected this change; find out what.

This applies to both your characters and yourself.  For your characters, realize that all conflict comes from a source.  If you can identify the source of those problems, you can understand what motivates them and how you they can be understood and/or manipulated.

For yourself, keep it as a check of homeostasis.  Are things different for you?  Are you sleeping the same, eating the same, thinking the same thoughts?  If not, what changed?  Is it an ok thing, or is it a bad thing?  If it is bad, what can you do to affect your surroundings to make things more as they should be?

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