Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If Nobody Was Around, How Would You Solve Your Problem?

I am a firm believer in asking questions.  There is no point wasting time and energy on a problem that can be easily solved by somebody else's experience or expertise.  Sometimes, though, there are no other people.  What do you do then?

As helpful as other people are, you can't become dependent upon them.  When all you have is yourself, will you wallow in self-pity or solve your own problems?

Take the rational approach.  What is your problem?  Is it finding the right words?  Is it conveying a particular idea or image?  Is it determining the format through which to tell the story?

Once you do that, come up with a bunch of answers.  Come up with good ones and bad ones.  When you have bad ones, explain why they are bad and what is specifically wrong with them.  When you have good ones, explain why they are good.  Play with these ideas until the right answer appears.  You may figure it out like solving a puzzle or it may dawn on you like it taps you on the shoulder and says hi.

You can solve your problems.  You're smart enough to do it.  Other people may help you solve them faster, but you can always rely on yourself.

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  1. I can't help but giggle. You're my "other person."