Saturday, November 13, 2010

Anagrams Are Fun

In my previous post, I came up with a story idea based on an anagram I made of the phrase, "anagrams are fun".  As I promised there, today will have even more.  I worked on making these anagrams, then I just made up the story descriptions off the top of my head.

Manage Fur: Saran
This could be a story about a person who has the idea cover his pets in Saran wrap to keep them from shedding.  He makes a business out of it, wrapping up animals.  When angry protesters wrap him up in his own method, he spends a day trapped in it, finally understanding what they were going through.

It could also be a collection of hilarious ads based on unintended uses for household items.

Ra, A Gun Fears Man:
This is a pivotal piece of dialogue, between the Egyptian god Ra and the Sphinx, discussing humanity. Ra makes the claim that humans sow the seeds of their own destruction, showing that humans created guns, and now their very invention strikes fear in their own hearts.  The Sphinx protests, saying that, were a gun able to do so, it would fear man.  Guns are tools, incapable of making their own choices.  They are picked up by anybody who chooses to and they do whatever they are made to do.  Man is always in control.  Regardless of the tool, people will always fear other people.

These are example of my own.  Now I have two challenges for you:

1.  Make up some story ideas for the following anagrams:
A Mean Surf; A Gran
A Nun Gears A Farm
Arrange Fans, Maus

2.  Make up your own anagrams for "anagrams are fun", post them here, and then do story ideas for the ones you make up.

Are you up to the challenge?

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