Friday, November 12, 2010

Ranger Fu As A Man

Gina Fu is a woman in her late thirties.  She works as a park ranger in a local forest.  Though she does enjoy her job, she is frustrated by the lack of respect she gets.  Tour groups, hikers, and campers all seem to ignore her, even her direct commands (stuff like not littering or not leaving open flames going through the night).  What really struck her was how much derision she received simply for being a woman.  So she decided to dress in drag.  She acted like a man, was convincing in looks and sound, and instantly commanded much more respect for it.  Gina was both surprised and a little disgusted by it, but she was also fascinated by it.  She kept it up, continuing to live her life as a man, until the line between who she was and who she pretended to be got too blurry to distinguish.

I'm just screwing with you.  "Ranger Fu As A Man" is an anagram of "Anagrams Are Fun".

I do enjoy anagrams.  They used to seem the most impossible task in the world.  How do you look at a phrase and come up with a whole new sentence?  It seems like something only a computer can do.  But really, it's not that bad.

Start with the word or phrase in question.  Pull out letters from the original to make a new word, then repeat the process with the remaining letters.  Just keep making one word at a time until you've used all your letters.  Then you take the new words you have and try to make sense of them.

If you are looking for ideas, try some anagrams.  I literally looked at the phrase "anagrams are fun" and got the story idea you just read.  It took 5-10 minutes. It's almost like creating something from nothing.  If nothing else, it will get you seriously thinking about words and letters, which is a great way to get warmed up for writing.

Tomorrow:  Even more anagrams based on "anagrams are fun".  Can you guess which ones I'll choose?

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