Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Better At, Not Better Than

I love my writing peers.  We get along well.  We are the right combination of serious and jocular.  We have a lot of similarities in our abilities and styles, but we certainly have our differences.  We have different subtleties, strengths.

None of them are better than me.  I am better than none of them, either.  Some are better at sarcasm.  Some are better at snark. Some are better at slice of life.  I am better at puns.

No matter how our strengths and specialties are split, we are all better at something.  Even if another person is better at several more things, they are not better than you, simply better at different things.

Sometimes you may feel the opposite.  When you hit a rough spot and you look to your peers, it may seem that they are better than you.  Trust me that they feel the exact same way about you.

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