Thursday, November 18, 2010

And Then I'm Typing

An interesting phenomenon occurs while I write.  I sit and stare at my screen, thinking about what I want to say.  I compose in my head.  And then I'm typing.

This doesn't sound particularly interesting by its own right, so let me explain.  I do not finish a thought, decide that it is what I would like, then begin writing it.  I am staring into nothingness, start nodding off, wake up, and see myself typing.  My thoughts are on the page, as I had composed them in my head, but had no memory of putting my fingers to the keys.  I just see myself typing the thoughts as they come to my head and accept that it is happening.  (No reason to ask a bunch of questions about something that's helping me out.)

I think it happens because I write while being thoroughly exhausted.  I may start the writing process, nod off a bit, then forget that I had started at all.  And really, once I start writing, continuing to write is very easy.  Since one thought naturally progresses from another, and since I tend to come up with ideas in my head faster than I can put the words down, I can have a pretty continuous flow of writing even when I'm not really paying attention.

Still, it is a freaky experience, to basically wake up in the middle of an activity.  But despite that, I kind of want it to happen more.  I want to see what I make when I lose those inhibitions and just write what's in my head.  Could be gold in those mountains.

First I lose consciousness, and then I'm typing.  And now I'm famous.  Seems a logical progression to me.  One more step to go.

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