Sunday, June 24, 2012

Some Ideas Are Worth Losing

I often feel so bad when I come up with ideas, don't record them, and then have the memory that I came up with a good idea, but no clue what it actually was. It's a pretty common experience and it is often conveyed. What is less often conveyed is the experience of actually writing your idea down, then coming back to it and realizing it was not that good at all.

I'm looking at my ow note scrawled on a napkin from about 12 hours ago:
Grantwriter - I turn words into money.

It's still true. In a sense, that is what grant writing is (and exactly why it is so damn valuable). But the excitement is gone. It doesn't seem brilliant or funny or poignant. In no way does it seem like an idea worth writing down.

Remorse is an awful feeling, and it happens every time I let an idea go. But experiences like this lessen those feelings. Maybe I let my ideas go for a reason. Maybe I knew those ideas were worth losing.

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