Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Worlds Yield New People

As I said before, new experiences open you to new worlds. But as you enter these new worlds, you are also introduced to new people (or new aspects of people). Everybody who has the same experiences as you shares that world.

All people who work in customer service share certain stories, certain understandings of that life. If you have a conversation with somebody and, through that, discover that you both work or have worked in customer service, there is a connection there. You two could very well have been good friends without that connection, but that shared experience, that shared world deepens the friendship. It gives you a whole new set of things to talk about.

I love nothing more than multifaceted human beings. I find the standard two-dimensional life so bland. How can people only like one kind of music? How can they have no hobbies or interests? What do they do when they aren't working or sleeping?

People are deep and complex. They are pulled in many directions and curious about countless subjects. There is so much that they can potentially do, so many worlds they can enter and so many people in those worlds that can change the course of their lives forever.

There is so much fodder for stories about people being exposed to new worlds and new people, being shown the ropes and appreciating the full depth of cultures and experiences that they previously barely even knew existed.

But those stories will be rather hard to write unless you go and get some experiences of your own, so you can know what it's like yourself.

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