Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Mixed Components Yield Mixed Audiences

It occurred to me how interesting the club scene is. A wide array of people go there. People from all kinds of backgrounds and beliefs and lifestyles. And even more, there is a wide array of reasons people go to clubs.

Some people just want to dance. Some people want a drink. Some just want to lounge at a VIP table. Some are out with a girlfriend, and others are looking for one. Some people are all about the club itself, but some people are there for the entertainment.

Consider a club who is hosting a world-famous DJ. The club will now have a whole set of people coming in just for the DJ, while still the regular clubgoers will be there. It is an incredible synergy.

Writers often find a subject they focus on. It becomes their niche and they will develop a fanbase. When you do classic horror, you will have your horror fans. But if you mix other elements into your horror, like a steampunk or sci-fi setting, then you will find fans who appreciate your work for very different reasons.

I'm not saying that you should mix genres or settings just to try to get more people interested in your work. Quality of writing will always be key. But I will say that the more mixed the components you have, the more varied your audience will be.

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