Thursday, March 10, 2011

Words ARE Actions

We hear it all the time: "Put your money were your mouth is." "Instead of talking about it, do something about it." "Actions speak louder than words."  Somehow, we seem to think that talking is valueless.  Any action is more effective than talking.

There's one major problem with that sentiment: Words are actions.  Speech is a physical act.  It requires a conscious effort and a usage of the body to do.  The opposite of action is inaction.  It is sitting by and not doing anything, not saying anything, and letting events unfold without acting whatsoever to it.

Not everything needs a huge physical act.  Sometimes all we need is to talk.  Sometimes the sheer act of showing that something is worth talking about is all the validation we need; it's all the action required to handle a situation.

Words, whether you choose to write them or speak them, are actions.  Act with them as needed.

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