Friday, March 4, 2011

A Break For 7 Facts

7 Facts: It's a start
I was right in the middle of my series on wicked sweet powers when I discovered I was nominated for the 7 Facts Award.  I'm not much for awards and honors, but since it came from Whitney, I graciously accepted.  I was hoping to quickly go finish up the series, but I don't want to be a jerk and put this on the back burner, so I'm taking a break to take care of business.

First things first, let's talk about some facts:

1. I shovel snow in a t-shirt and jeans. I love cold weather; I was designed to thrive in it.  I generate so much heat that if I do physical activity, I will break a sweat.  When it is freezing cold and the wind is blowing, I can work as hard as possible and I will be comfortable.  It's awesome.

2. I make anagrams for funsies.  I could make all 7 facts be about the things I love when it comes to language, words, sounds, and the like, but I will let this represent them.  Letters and words are a joy to me.  They are so free and fluid in their ability to make sentences.  But anagrams add an extra dimension of fluidity.  I could easily lose a day making anagrams based on any set of letters I come across.

3. I like nice clothes.  Don't get me wrong - t-shirts and jeans are plenty nice.  There is always something to be said for comfort.  But when I get to dress up, wear a suit and tie, a nice pair of dress shoes, I feel good.  I feel classy and slick.  I'm sure if I had to wear it every day for hours upon hours, I would get sick of it, but as things stand, when I get an excuse to dress up, I relish it.

4. I have no tattoos.  It's not that I am averse to the idea of permanently imprinting an image or sentiment on my body.  I simply have nothing permanent to say.  I have nothing that I think I should permanently remember.  The closest I could come to that would be getting a tattoo that said "impermanence".  But that would be like saying, "this sentence is a lie."  And I'm not that big enough of a tool to do.

5. I am a formatting freak.  Format matters as much as content.  The vast majority of our understanding of the world is visual.  How things look matters.  When you have a paragraph and the last line is a single word, I will go through the effort of reformatting to pull that word up (or adding more so it isn't lonely).  When I have a document that is two pages, but there's only two or three lines on the second page, the same thing happens.  It's all about parallel structure.  If you start doing something in a particular way, keep doing it that same way.  If you change the way you do things, change everything you've already done so it looks the same.

6. I am an opportunist.  Every one of these facts sounds like a good blog post to me, so I probably will make a blog post based on each of these facts.  If I can double-dip, I will.  It's not that I am lazy or unmotivated.  I truly just like taking opportunities when they arrive.

7. I like captioned pictures.  Whether it says I am lowbrow or low class or whatever else, I love websites like Fail Blog or So Much Pun.  The ability to take a seemingly innocuous picture and create a new view of it is tremendous.  It is incredibly small, very consumable, but can pack a significant punch.

Writing this up has actually been pretty fun.  I want to thank Whitney for including me in the festivities (and for making me the first blog she linked to in her list).  And, in keeping with the rules of said festivities, here are 15 blogs I nominate.

1. Word is Bond
2. Um...

Well, crap.  Turns out I don't have 15 blogs to nominate.  All the blogs I have followed are inactive or completely vanished.  I don't wish to besmirch this prestigious award, so I shall have to hold out until I find 14 more blogs worthy of nomination.

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