Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Buried In The Pile

The only downside to a daily blog is the sheer quantity of entries that accumulate.  While this is not always a bad thing (especially if you find yourself thoroughly addicted to my words), it does make a truly stellar post harder to stand out.

There isn't a whole lot that I can do about it, though.  If there is a post that I am particularly proud of, I can keep referring and linking to it.  If an audience member, the only way to find a great post is to read through them all and pick for yourself which ones are great to you.

I sometimes wonder if I wrote a particularly great post which I was unaware of or forgot about, and that it is buried in the pile of average works.  I do periodically go through my posts and find some great points, so it's not impossible.  It's also not impossible that all of my work is of good quality and that when I return to them with fresh eyes, that is revealed.

Unfortunately, there's no really great way to find out easily.  Best I can do is keep on writing, keep on adding to the pile, and let those who are brave enough to sort through the pile do so.

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