Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Three Semi-Gods

I am going to write a piece using the three characters I have been talking about.  This will by no means be a finished piece, but an idea of putting characters in a room together and letting their personalities dictate what else is in the room, what they say, and what they say back.

Three beings lounge in a plain white room.  They are the three semi-gods: SciBen, the all-knowing and all-loving; BenPo, the all-loving and all-powerful; PoSci, the all-powerful and all-knowing.  They spend much of their time in this room.  It exists in a realm beyond our understanding, which god-like creatures prefer to be in.

BenPo sits at a table, writing into a notebook, slowly smiling.  The latest plan for a Great Pacifying is looking particularly promising.

"It won't work," SciBen says from the couch. "Their biology would produce people that would be so different that would reinstate all of their prejudices.  Your world peace would crumble within three generations."

BenPo sighs, then rips out the paper.  The notebook is getting progressively thinner.  There is not much left between the front and back covers.  Seeing this, BenPo points at the far corner, where all the other crumpled scraps rested, and obliterated them.  The notebook then refilled with clean, white paper.  BenPo starts to write, but is interrupted again by SciBen.

"Don't even bother.  Humans would use it as a tool of war and end up killing them all before they even realized it was meant to end war."

BenPo rips out the page and throws it back into the far corner.  "If you know everything and I can do anything. . ."

PoSci, standing upside down, says, "You can't collaborate because you have terrible communication skills," then turns the crumpled paper into a glass of water.  "You should remember that from all those times you tried and failed miserably."

There is nothing BenPo can say about that.  For whatever reason, creating a plan to help people alone does not end well, but collaborations are just as ineffective.  Still, BenPo is frustrated that SciBen is not even trying anymore. "How come you don't even leave that couch anymore?"

"I just don't care anymore.  I know everything. I also know there is nothing I can do about it.  I'm tired of trying to change the unchangeable."

PoSci turns the glass of water into a tennis ball, then giggles.

"And you," BenPo says. "You're the only one who actually knows how to make a plan that would work and has the ability to do it.  Why are you standing on your hands, doing nothing?"

PoSci makes the tennis ball bounce around the room, its energy not dissipating.  "Because, just like every other time you have begged me to help, I continue to not give a shit about life, human or otherwise. Its just a collection of matter, like everything else."

BenPo pushes away from the table. "Then why are we here?"

PoSci catches the ball , then turns it into a doorknob. "Now you're asking the question that they all ask every day."

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