Friday, January 24, 2014

Your Brain Is Smarter Than You

The human brain is the most amazing processor out there. It has the power to operate the human body (which you know is difficult by seeing how slow the progress on humanoid robots has been) and navigate complex social structures, often at the same time. What makes this even more remarkable is that your brain is doing all of those things without consciously thinking about it. All that stuff is basically automatic.

Despite being automatic, most of the decisions we make are thought-out. The brain is always thinking, always processing. It is weighing all the options it sees and deciding, what decisions to make next. Your conscious mind allows you to critique the thoughts you have, but very often, by the time you have a thought, it has been well thought-out.

There is a lot of folk wisdom to this effect: Trust your gut/instincts. When given a multiple choice question, we're  told to check all the choices, but if still unsure, go for the one that leaps out at us. 

I have noticed that when I look back at my own life and some of the rash decisions I've made in my life, they ended up being the best possible choice I could have made. I thank my brain for that, for being smarter than I think. 

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