Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cold, Hard Facts

No one cares that the sky is blue; it just is. It's not even that they don't get upset or don't get happy; it's not even that they're ambivalent; there is no reaction at all. People don't think about the sky being blue; it's a cold, hard fact.

Admittedly, the sky being blue hardly affects us. It's not the same as finding out that you're low on milk (or whatever banal drink you enjoy). You know that you will need to pick some up at the store soon, but it doesn't provoke an emotional response. 

However, we don't treat all facts so emotionlessly. When you find out that your coworker has been speaking ill of you behind your back, it incites a vengeful ire that nothing short of blood can satisfy. 

Cold, hard facts should all be the same, yet humans treat them all differently. Go and explore how the simple learning of new facts can affect (or fail to affect) people. 

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