Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chase Discomfort

I think that a lot of writers, especially amateur/hobbyist writers, are naturally withdrawn. Writing lends itself to that kind of personality; it is a solitary, introspective, contemplative activity. Writing is a perfect way to withdraw from the world, especially when it feels particularly overwhelming. 

What I have discovered, though, is that whenever I have experiences that force me out of my comfort zone, I am better for it. It gives me new experiences to think about, more stories to tell, more connections to make. It also goes to show me that however much feat I had about the activity, it wasn't that bad. 

In fact, my new move is to chase discomfort. That is my compass. If I find myself resisting something, or otherwise feeling disconcerted about it, I take it as a sign that I'm heading in the right direction.

I challenge you to chase your discomfort. I guarantee that you will discover many amazing things about yourself and the world around you (one of them being that nothing is as scary as your own fear).

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