Sunday, February 5, 2012


Very often, I will write a post with a title "X vs.Y". There are two important things to note about posts where I do that. The first is that "vs." is the only thing I don't capitalize in my titles. The second is that I am not pitting the two things against each other.

More often than not, I am comparing the two things. My goal is to show how they function, what is similar, what is different, and how those differences affect your writing. Sometimes X is the better choice, and sometimes Y is. It all depends on the specifics.

Of course, two things are not always equal. If X is better than Y 85% of the time, I may sound biased in my comparisons, but I will express that it is because Y is only the best choice 15% of the time.

If I think X is better than Y 100% of the time, then there is no reason to really do a comparison. Instead, I would be best off extolling the virtues of X and merely mentioning Y as an example of why you should never use Y since X is always better.

If you want to be fair and balanced, it doesn't mean giving things a 50/50 split. It's about giving an honest and accurate review.

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