Monday, February 20, 2012

Don't Look Too Deeply

There are so many songs that I really enjoy. I share them with friends of mine when I feel compelled. But sometimes I hesitate to do so; I think they may misinterpret my intentions.

When I share things, whether they be music, pictures, stories, or anything else, it's because I think they're cool. Other people, though, often share things to give a hidden message. They'll share love songs in order to express a timid desire. They'll share cartoons of snarky people to tacitly say they're angry. And because things like that are so common, some people are just wired to assume hidden messages are in everything that is shared.

Truly, the only reason I share something is because I think it is cool and I believe that you will think so, too. I don't tell people to read a story about a mentally challenged serial killer because I think it sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon; I do it because the story made me think about a subject I hadn't thought of before, or because I learned something about the way their minds worked that I thought was fascinating.

Similarly, when I write, I usually am not stuffing my prose with "deeper meanings". I'm trying to entertain people. I want them to think, but I want them to think about the characters I made, the actions they took, and the rationale behind them. I know that it can be very easy to see a greater meaning behind a good story, but sometimes the best thing to do is don't look too deeply. It's too easy to miss the simple, but wonderful things right in front of you.

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