Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Insane Are Fascinating

I think that insane people are fascinating. To us, they make no sense. The things they think, the actions they take, their rationale, it's a whole bunch of nonsense.

But the insane don't think they're crazy. To them, it makes perfect sense. We see their minds as twisted, but for them every piece is in place.

I am always interested in seeing how these minds work. I bet that if I could get enough information on it, I could figure out the pattern or the logic that makes them think they make sense.

One of my long-term goals is to tell the stories of the insane, and have them make sense. Itis a great challenge, but I believe it will be totally worth it.


  1. Why?
    Why tell the stories of the insane? As an intellectual challenge? To discover and share a strange and nonlinear wisdom? To help readers empathize with and reach out to the insane?
    I find it an interesting premise, simply wondering what it is which interests you enough to make it a long-term goal and how you intend to present it.

  2. In all honesty, it's because I think it would be interesting. An intellectual challenge would be a fair description, actually. It is not easy to find a satisfying way to show how an insane person views the world, as well as showing how the world appears to us. I want to do it to blow people's minds.

    But in doing so, there is an added benefit. If my story is as compelling as it is entertaining, then people will understand what it is like for the insane. They may sympathize more. They may be able to empathize. And although it is not my primary goal, it would be a tremendous achievement if I can succeed.

  3. It sounds quite fascinating. Perhaps approaching it using magical thinking as a gateway concept? Many otherwise normal people are guilty of a bit of magical thinking...