Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Other People Think You're Stupid

When it comes to rhetorical techniques, all I care about is logos. Logic and reasoning are the only things that will affect me. People who think that somebody's title or austerity gives them more credit are stupid. And people who can be swayed by emotional appeals are just as stupid.

But all of those people think that I'm stupid as hell. To ignore a specialist in a field makes their opinions as valid as an uneducated dolt. And I would have to be heartless if nothing could tug at my heartstrings.

Somethings just come down to how we're wired. It is literally beyond my comprehension how anybody can be persuaded by anything other than cold, hard facts. But that's just me. There will be other people who agree, and there will be others who don't.

Accept that other people think you're stupid, then keep on going.

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