Monday, August 8, 2011

Use That Adrenaline

Energy can be fickle. Sometimes you're overflowing, other times you're half dead. And, even when you have just enough energy, it means you don't have the excess energy needed to tackle one more project.

Because I write these blogs generally right before going to bed, I am sometimes thoroughly exhausted. (You can usually tell because my rate of typos severely increases.) Still, the worst thing I can do when it comes to writing these is sit down, stare at my screen, at my list of ideas, and really try to think about what I might want to write about.

Although thinking and planning is a wonderful thing, it also makes me calm down. And sometimes, all I have to go on is the residual energy from whatever I have been doing. A good conversation or an interesting game my have my mind reeling. With all of that, I could whip out some writing like it's no big deal. But if I stop, slow down, let that energy subside, then I will be struggling to keep my eyes open and eventually lose 5 minutes hear and there to crash naps.

Of course, an easy cure is to simply write during a time of day when you have more energy. It's certainly a good plan. But not everything goes according to plan. If you find yourself totally drained and running on leftover adrenaline, use that adrenaline for all its worth. Create now. Edit later.

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