Monday, August 15, 2011

I Keep Things Here Professional

I can be pretty laid back here on Cheff Salad. I have purposely made this not academic in nature or in tone. These are my thoughts, spoken in my voice, conveyed to the public. Despite that, though, I do like to keep things here professional.

I do talk about life. I even talk about my own life. But I always do it to explain writing. I don't write a post telling people that I'm going out of town (though I do write about traveling). I don't apologize to my readers about missing posts (though I do write about update schedules and trying to not miss updates).

I draw from my own experiences, looking through the archives of blogs or webcomics that I read. I see filler strips, comics who break the fourth wall to apologize for delays, or simply see notes that tell about what the author is doing and why they won't be updating for a while. But to me it's irrelevant. The updates are already up. So now it just looks silly and weird.

It's not that I don't care about my regular readers. I love you all tremendously, and I do apologize when I am not able to maintain my update schedule, but I do this for a specific reason.

I am looking in the bigger picture. In the annals of time, people will see that I had the equivalent of a post a day worth of updates. People paying attention will notice that the dates are not perfect, that some days have no posts and other days have multiple. They can infer what they may.

This blog is about writing. It is not about my petty bullshit or vapid plans. It is a forum of substance, and it shall remain that way.

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