Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Pleasure Passing Moments

At the end of a conversation, my friend tells me, "It was a pleasure passing moments with you." The wording struck me. We often see conversations as whole units (probably why we call it a conversation [singular]). To think of a conversation as a collection of moments that pass seamlessly (we hope) from one to the next might be more accurate.

Much is true in writing. Although we think of a piece of writing as a cohesive whole, it exists at several levels. The story or the philosophy may be a cohesive whole, it is made of smaller moments, like sentences and paragraphs, which really are snapshots that pass from moment to moment.

As a writer, you certainly wish to create a whole piece that is enjoyable, but people rarely devour larger works in a single sitting. I mentioned a long time ago that you cannot be boring for the first 100 pages of your novel, nor can you be boring for the first 3 panels of your 4-panel comic. As such, be aware of the moments you are creating. Although people will think of your story all together, it is the moments they will remember.

If your writing is a pleasure passing moments, it is good writing.


  1. I like this. I have ideas, and you do something with them. That's why we work.

  2. That's funny, usually it's me on that side of the table.