Monday, January 31, 2011

The List Of Things

We like lists.  We have them for doing chores like shopping or accomplishing tasks throughout a day.  We also have them to collect and organize things.  Sometimes we rank things with lists.

I don't keep a lot of lists, but I like to pretend as though I do.  When somebody tells me about vicious and deadly the komodo dragon is, I will say, "Petting a komodo dragon is on my list of things to not do."  When somebody says something endearing or amusing, I will tell them that "the list of things I like includes you."

I say it to be cute. It's a way to say a common thought in an uncommon way. (Hey, all of my previous teachers, look at me avoiding cliches.  That must be more beautiful than a sunrise.)  But there is actually benefit to this.  Making lists is a great way to organize thoughts, or come up with new ones.

Make lists.  Pull out some paper and actually write a list of things you like.  Write a list of things to not do.  If it was an exhaustive list, it would fill entire libraries.  There would be very generic things (avoid bears), and very specific things (don't spit in a bear's face in July after eating a very garlicky sandwich).  You will either get a good laugh, learn something about yourself, come up with a story idea, or some combination of the three.

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