Monday, January 3, 2011

Can You Make Fun Of Bad Grammar?

As I mentioned yesterday, I can't laugh at bad grammar anymore.  It's not funny because it is so commonplace.  It would be like laughing at the sight of snow in Buffalo. If you want to see awful spelling, log in to Facebook.  One of your friends probably is a butcher of language.

However, I would also suggest you look at Failbook.  This is a collection of humorous status messages and the like found on Facebook.  It is hyperconcentrated levels of stupid.  However, there is also just as much wit and humor to it all.

This entry, which is the first one on the front page as of this writing, I find pretty darn funny.  It takes a boring, melodramatic sentiment, and thoroughly deflates it by ridiculing spelling.

Now, I want to say that I am not laughing at the bad grammar found in the original post.  What I am laughing at is the person who made fun of it.  That is funny.  It actually breathes life into the mundane scenario of poor writing.

It seems like a fine line, but I think it is a tangible one.  The fact that one thing makes me laugh and the other doesn't seems proof positive that they are different things. 

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