Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sometimes You're Other People

People have so many disgusting habits: picking their nose, smelling their belly button lint, spitting, &c. What I find odd is when the people who choose at least one of those habits comments on how gross it is when people do it. When I confront people on their hypocrisy, their usual answer is, "It's gross when other people do it; it's not when I do it."

It doesn't surprise me that people view themselves specially. People always have their own rules when it comes to themselves. But what does surprise me is how people forget that the world doesn't revolve around them.

In the eyes of everybody else, you are "other people". The views you have of others need to be applied to yourself. Not just because it's fair, but because that is how you will know what other people think of you. After all, you're just "other people" to them, the way they're just "other people" to you.


  1. So aren't we always other people?

  2. We're always "other people" to other people. But we're only "other people" to ourselves when we aren't busy being ourselves.