Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Kind of Nerd

Sometimes when I hang out with a group of friends, I am just amazed by how enjoyable it is. I get to talk about a wide variety of subjects, but all of them are ones I'm interested in. I am able to add to any conversation, but am also able to learn from them. Sometimes I find myself saying, "I love hanging out with nerds."

That sentiment is not entirely accurate, though. We're all nerds of some kind. What I love is hanging out with my kind of nerd. The ones who have similar interests, similar levels of knowledge, but are different enough to actually make for stimulating and entertaining conversations.

Writers are definitely my kind of nerd. There are a lot of different kinds of writers out there, and I probably wouldn't enjoy spending time with all of them, but I would certainly give them a shot. There is so much to the world of writing that there are countless areas to discuss and opinions on each one of them. Talking shop with fellow writers is awesome, whether it is as an equal, a teacher, or a student.

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