Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Hakuna Matata

I can identify the phases of my life by the catchphrase that I use on a daily basis. As of now, that catch phrase is, "it happens." It perfectly represents my outlook on life. Things happen. People often feel so alone or isolated in the experiences of their lives, but when you hear them all, you find that people's experiences are quite common. So when I hear another iteration of a common story, all I can say is, "It happens."

I find it interesting that six years ago, my catchphrase was, "no worries." Back then, I did not have the knowledge and experiences, but when people told me their problems, I still believed it wasn't worth getting upset over.

I suspect that at some point in the future, my catchphrase will be "hakuna matata", if for no other reason, just because I will get tired of saying the phrase in English.

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