Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Your Viewpoint Affects Your Reception

X-rated pasta is stupid. It's an amusing concept when you first come to the realization that "if people can shape pasta into anything, why could shape it into genitals." And if you are looking around a novelty shop, you may see a package of it and giggle enough to try it out. But expectations are usually much higher than reality.

You cook up the pasta, it saturates in certain parts, breaks away in others, and will all be piled on top of another. I admit that, considering talking about this stuff, it might continue to sound amusing, but the actual experience is probably less hilarious.

Novelty food is usually not very high in quality. So when you end up giggling all the way home, and then having a bowl of subpar pasta whose shapes you don't even recognize anymore, who's laughing then?

But I ask a different question. I ask why you would bother to make x-rated pasta in the first place. It's a silly idea that is moderately executed and not worthy enough for individuals to purchase more than once.

Did you do it because you wanted to be famous for making phallic foods? Did you do it because you thought you could sell enough to make some money? Did you do it just because you could?

As a notorious planner, I tend to question people who do things just because they can. You should have a greater idea of what you will get from your actions. But I understand that people with a different belief system will see x-rated pasta in a completely different manner.

If you simply had the idea to make x-rated pasta and did it for laughs, then found out you could make some money and also get some giggles out of people, then everything you accomplished was a rousing success.

Not surprisingly, writing works all the same way. I largely prefer to have a plan for my writing. I lately don't put words down until I have a decent structure for the whole story in my head. I prefer it, but others may rather just make a scene and go on from there.

Sometimes, results speak for themselves. If your method gets you to write something you enjoyed, you did good. The more people who enjoy it, the nicer it is (assuming it's something you plan to share with others). Your viewpoint affects your reception of anything, whether it be your work or others. Approach things with a mindset that works best.

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