Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We Need More Brodowns

Of the recent fads that have come and gone, my favorite is probably bro-words. This is when you take a regular word and replace a part of it with "bro". It is generally done with words that have an o-sound, so that everybody gets what the original was.

Examples can go from the mundane to the ludicrous. Some of my favorite examples include: brotato, Brohan, Brosef Stalin, and Broseidon, King of the Brocean.

Sometimes people would throw down a bro-word, and it would become a challenge to go back and forth with the most awesome ones they could come up with. It was a bro-word showdown. It was a brodown,

Tonight I had one with a friend just based on remaking movies for bros. Examples included Bronnochio, Brocahontas, Bro White, and Bromancing the Stone.

I love brodowns. They're one of the most amusing and engaging word games to me. There is a certain simplicity in that no matter what set of words you are familiar with, you can find some o-sounds to turn them into bro-sounds. But there is actually a good challenge find them when you're put on the spot.

You can also play a game to find a way to introduce bro-words into conversations. "Jesus was so cool, he told people that he was the alpha and the bromega." You ought to get either some solid laughs or some sustained groans.

Sadly, I find the fad of it wearing off. People have a couple standalones they pull out from time to time, but people aren't throwing down anymore. I think that it is a worthwhile activity in general. Next time you find yourself playing with words or just staring into space, start coming up with bro-words. Get a friend to do it too and see who can win your brodowns.

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