Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Who Is Limes Guy

I happen to enjoy internet memes. Like most things in life, some are brilliant, some are moronic, and some things just happen to hit you right. For me, the latter-most description explains how I feel about, Limes Guy. (For a basic overview, know your meme.)

I can't describe exactly what it is that strikes me as being so hilarious about the combination of this picture and caption. Part of it is how incredibly stupid it all is. Why is this person holding an armful of limes? How is he seriously not able to hold them all? What on earth is the look on his face expressing? Does he find it humorous? Is he truly surprised by the circumstance? Do his eyebrows show some sort of disgust?

At first, I simply loved the goofiness of it all. It's the reason I kept coming back to it, shared it with others, and snuck the words into conversations. But the more I said it, the more I realized how many different ways one could interpret it.

There is a thin line between something being goofy and being totally surreal. And that line depends on how you choose to interpret it. To me, Limes Guy is losing his grip on reality. He does not question where the limes came from or even why he's trying to hold them all - he only wonders why he can't do it. On top of that, he finds this bizarre failure exceedingly hilarious.

I think that my interpretation may tell more about me as a person than I realize. But I am certain that it tells plenty about me as a writer and as a reader. The character of Limes Guy is most interesting to me as a delusional maniac. I would love to be able to get inside of the mind of a person who could ever find himself doing and saying those things simultaneously. And if I was unable to create such a character, I would certainly love to read about it.

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