Sunday, April 22, 2012

Do It To Know You Can

I return to my favorite question tonight: Why?

Specifically, why do you write? Or perhaps, why do you want to write? Are you in it for the money? The fame? The validation of seeing your words in print?

Are you even wanting to be printed? It is generally expected to be the final part of the writing process, but by no means is it a requirement.

Sometimes we write just to see what we can do. Have you ever written a novel before? Well, if not, then how do you know if you even can? Only one way to find out, right?

You may find out that it's just not in you to do a massive work like a novel. You may find out that you can do it, but you more enjoyed different kinds of writing. You may find out you can do it and that you made something amazing. But even then, nothing says you need to get it published.

You are allowed to be selfish with your writing. If people like what you write, they may really want you to share. If people hate what you write, they really won't care. But it's your words, and it's your decision.

If you want to write something just to see if you can, that is totally ok.

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