Friday, March 9, 2012

The Value Of Dedication

I've been doing this blog since January of 2009 and I've been working at my job since July of 2009. I honestly did not expect either of them to be particularly impressive endeavors. But as the years have passed, I have found that, in fact, both are incredibly valuable, and are impressive to many eyes (though for different reasons.

Cheff Salad is impressive for the sheer dedication, as well as the steadily increasing volume of my entries. Many people have started a blog, but very, very few believe they can write something once a day. Of those that try, fewer still can continue it for three years and counting.

My job is impressive for the steadily increasing volume of knowledge and experience I have in the non-profit arts scene. It is not the years at my job that are impressive, but without spending that much time there, I would not have accumulated these things that do have value.

Dedication generally pays off. It will probably take longer than you think it should, and it may not feel very rewarding during the rough times, but it will work out. And it may end up benefiting you in a way you never really expected.

If you want it, keep at it.

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