Monday, March 5, 2012

Quantum Mechanics Is Everyday

I have been talking about quantum mechanics long before I ever knew what it was. In fact, I've already written about it on Cheff Salad.

That's right - the blank page is an excellent example of quantum theory. Being blank allows it to be the the first stage of every single story ever. Every word you add narrows down what potential story you are writing, and not until you make the final punctuation mark of the final sentence is it done (not counting future revisions). Similarly, we have no idea what the future holds because there are infinite possible futures that may occur.

I bring this up not for any kind of gloating or bragging. I'm not smart or special because I talked about quantum mechanics before I knew it had a name. In fact, most of us have had thoughts like this. We've all thought about the potential outcomes of things. We've all realized that a blank canvas can hold anything. In fact, that's often what prevents many of us from ever starting a project.

We are all thinking about big, heavy stuff. We don't always know it has a name, though. But that doesn't make it any less impressive. And if you break down any impressive-sounding thing, you will probably find that you have had a thought similar to it at one point or another.

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