Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hardwired For "Screw You"

I have studied two martial arts at length: aikido and capoeira. Every now and then, when I have a dream I remember, it is sometimes about me taking an aikido class, usually in my first dojo in Florida (which I have not been in for over 10 years now).

I don't like to analyze my dreams because I don't have a damn clue how to do that. However, I was able to analyze one rather interesting thing. Last week, I realized that whenever I have dreams about going back to martial arts, it is an aikido class. And last night, I had a dream which turned into an impromptu capoeira class.

This shows one very important thing about me: My brain is hardwired to say "screw you". It is so powerful of a response that I even do it to myself.

But here's why it's awesome: Creativity comes from challenging everything. Every time somebody makes a statement of fact, I challenge it. I go over all the facts, all the evidence, and I see if there is any way to prove that statement false. Sometimes, I take the alternate path, believing that the statement is false, and then constructing the world where such would be the case. For example, what if people could physically change their body through sheer force of will?

The "screw you" mentality can be a frustrating one. It makes everything take longer. It makes everything more stressful. It still becomes predictable when you know that every statement will be an argument. However, despite the frustrations, it can still be a beneficial and fruitful tool for ideas.

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