Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Power of Presence

I've mentioned in a previous entry the idea that, if you ask a hundred people what their definition of love is, you will get a hundred different replies.  This entry is based on one of the definitions I've found: Love is when you are asked for nothing more than your presence.

I like this definition.  Although it seems simple enough, there is much under the surface.  By asking only for their presence, the lover is expressing that it is nothing that is said or done that is loved, but their very being that matters.  This doesn't mean that the two people don't have a blast going out or chatting or having adventures; it simply means that the lover does not require it.  It's the closest to unconditional love you could get.

The power of presence is palpable.  Some people's smile can fill a room with happiness.  Some people can enliven your spirits just from walking in the door.  But how do we put that on paper?

It isn't easy.  It's the kind of feeling that people don't use words for.  They experience it.  They feel it.  The closest we can get to is describing how it feels or what people were thinking, but it doesn't quite express the actual presence.

It may be difficult to show, but it is also not impossible.  Write a scene about two people who love each other, and what it is like when they are in each others' presence.

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