Monday, December 27, 2010

Don't Die

There are some rough times in life.  Sometimes we find ourselves stuck in a lose-lose situation.  Every single possibility leads to an awful outcome.  When I tell stories of these, I am often asked the same question: "How did you survive that?"

I often give the same answer: "Surviving was easy. All I had to do was not die."

It's amazing the things that can happen when you don't die.  You keep on drawing breath, having thoughts, and doing stuff.  After enough time, so much new stuff has gone on that the crappy place you were trapped in is old news.

Everything stays with you.  Everything grows and shapes you, both the positive and the negative.  What you may experience you will never get rid of.  But if you get enough experiences after it, it becomes way less important.

And it's so darn simple to do: Don't die.

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  1. Especially in the industrialized nation that is the U.S.

    God, I swear, the homeless can eat prety damn good here, and you can still get paid if you lose your job.

    Pretty crazy when you think of what other people in other countries must have to endure.