Sunday, December 12, 2010

Escape From The Noise

The world is a noisy place.  I don't like it. It's not sound, just noise.  Noise is distracting. It occupies your ears and vies for your attention.  It is painful and generally unpleasant.

I do my best to avoid noise.  I usually fight noise with sound.  Good background music does not insist upon itself, nor does it distract me (unless it's a really good song).  When I put on headphones, the sound also blocks out any other noise.

What is much harder to do is to find quiet.  A small room that is sound-proof, maybe with a dull hum, as though from a fan or air conditioner, not brightly lit, and devoid of people, that would be a heaven (or perhaps a haven). Such a shame that such rooms are not easily found.

Noise bothers me in general, but it's murder to write to.  By whatever means necessary, I must escape from the noise if I ever wish to write.  I think that it may be a weakness, but it is not a crippling one.  At least with music and headphones, I'm pretty well set there.  Writing at night also helps.  Everybody is asleep, no rustling or rumbling or chatting (except for other night owls, who usually have their own things to work on).

What methods do you use to escape from the noise?  Or does noise not get to you?  If that, then what does distract you from your natural writing groove?

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