Monday, December 23, 2013

The Right Thing For The Wrong Reason

What matters more: what we do, or why we do it?

Most people I know will tell me that our actions matter most. For example, donating money to an orphanage is good. Donating money to an orphanage because it will give you good publicity after getting caught in a scandal is kind of shady. Still though, the orphans got money that they needed; does it matter that it only happened because some rich person got caught doing something wrong?

On a similar note, people sometimes make the best decision they can, but their reason for doing it is completely wrong. For example, if a guy has a fight with his girlfriend, and decides to wait for her to come crawling back to him, then he made the right choice in leaving her alone until the situation cooled down, but it was for the entirely wrong reason of trying to win the fight.

If somebody is doing the right thing for the wrong reason, what do you do about it? Do you tell them that they're wrong? Doing so might convince them to stop doing the right thing. Do you let them continue on, being correct, but ignorant? It all comes down to that first question: what matters more?

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