Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Messianic Ideal

I find it interesting that whenever we say that somebody was the best person in the world, we always describe them in similar ways. This person liked everybody; you could be a stranger having your first meeting and would be treated like a dear friend. This person would do whatever possible to help people, even giving you their last meal if you were hungry. They didn't want anything more from the world than what they already had. They were happiest when giving to others, and they always inspired people to be the absolute best that they could be.

Whenever I hear descriptions like this, I always have the same thought: it sounds like they're describing Jesus.

I think that our culture has this messianic ideal deeply lodged into our unconscious minds. There is a "perfect person", and that person has all of these qualities.

I challenge you to explore the idea of a perfect person. What qualities do you think that person should have? How would they react in the kinds of situations you find people in?

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