Monday, December 2, 2013

On Regime Change

What I find interesting about regime change is how often it doesn’t really change anything. Think about a corporation where the CEO gets ousted and a new person fills the role. The new CEO decides to “shake things up” and implements a new logo, new tagline, new advertisements, and a redesign of their store locations. How much has really changed on a functional level? The advertising department came up with new ads and maybe have different criteria for “good”, but the same people have the jobs and they’re doing the same work. The same goes for the design department, the manufacturing department, the shipping department, and the retail locations. Things may look shaken up from the outside, but nothing actually changed. I think the same thing is generally the case for political regimes. A king is killed and replaced by a new king. So what? There are still taxes. There are still knights/sheriffs/military. People have the same houses and do the same labor. Just because some different face starts getting stamped on coins doesn’t mean that anything is different for the people at the bottom of the ladder. The further you are from the actual change, the less it actually affects you or your operations.

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