Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lie Of Malice

I think about lying a lot, as do I mention it somewhat regularly here.  It's hard to avoid, since that's what fiction writing simply is.  But thinking about my post from yesterday, I realize that there are even more reasons one might lie.

Some people lie simply to harm others.  Some people are so twisted that they lie for the power.  They lie because it shows how much stronger they are.  When people believe your lies, they are sent into an alternate world where your lie becomes the truth.

The lie of malice is just that: malicious. People who do it are doing it not only to make themselves feel better, but to do so by hurting others.  Characters who do this make great pricks. Of course, that makes the far more interesting challenge to make such a liar compelling and loved.  Can you do it?

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