Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hope Is For The Future

Sometimes the world around you kinda sucks.  You hate your job (or don't have one), the people around you are downers (assuming you have any people around you), or for whatever other reason, you're just not happy.  In this situation, you have two basic outcomes: things will continue to suck, or things will get better.

If you believe that things will get better, then you have hope. Hope is a pretty cool thing.  It allows us to keep on going, doing things we don't enjoy, even without concrete proof that it will make things better.  Sometimes the world doesn't give us proof that things will get better, so being able to hold out even without a promise can be beneficial.

The one catch with hope is that it only affects the future.  If the world around you sucks, no amount of hope will make it not suck.  The best it can do is make those sucky things not bother you so much.  They can, however, go away over time.

Hoping to write a great work will not make your current piece of writing great.  However, it may give you enough confidence and motivation to get over your hangups and make something good.  Hope allows us to access the mind-over-matter superpowers we are capable of.

Although hope does not make our present moment any different, it can affect our future almost immediately.  What do you have hope for, and what does it allow you to do?

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