Friday, November 15, 2013

Go For It

My number one piece of advice that I give to people is "Go for it." It's not the right advice for every situation, but it's the right advice for most. I say this because most people ask my advice by saying, "I'm thinking about trying <blank>." Unless you're thinking about drinking bleach or punching pregnant women, just go for it. (Side note: if you are thinking about punching pregnant women, try drinking bleach instead.)

Seriously though, people don't plan on doing incredibly stupid or dangerous things. And they aren't even going to do it full bore; they're thinking about trying it. It's the most innocuous activity imaginable. 

When people ask for that advice, they want confirmation. They want you to tell them that you haven't missed something terribly important that would make their idea disastrously awful. And all they need is am all clear to remove their trepidations. 

Next time you're thinking about trying something, don't worry about asking permission. You have my permission: go for it. 

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